A couples of years ago I've lived for several months in UK, Devonshire to be exact. I was working from Monday to Friday and exploring the region during the week end! It has been one of the most happy period of my life and I've lost a piece of my heart in Devon! First of all I was in love with the fantastic green country and the beautiful straw roofed traditional cottages. One of my fave pastimes was to catch the train or the bus and visit the little villages all aound the moor (Dartmoor). This sweet villages was monstly composed by: a church, some pubs, a handful of shops and these cute little cottages. 
Here're some pictures:

I've always thought that these cottages look like fairy houses!

Very often the inside is renovated, so you can find fantastic interiors:

Or renovations that leave ontouched the original structure. This bedroom is amazing...

At that time I was not yet passed to digital fotos. Well, I LOVE my old Canon and LOVE to take photos ...in the old way!!!! (I worked as photographer for a couple of years). It took me A LOT to buy my first digital camera (it happened only in 2007!!!!). So I have tons of pictures, but I have to pass them in digital format and I need time....rare stuff. But I promise I will do it..someday, somehow!