Yesterday evening I'be had one of the sweetest surprise ever since I've started my blog-adventure! Talented Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia posted about me on her beautiful blog just to say thank you for being one of her reader.

I was amazed...really...I remained without words for some minutes and my husband asked to me: "What  happens?"
Kristin is a very sweet lady and we started to write each others mails a few weeks ago. She has a very famous blog and I'm always a little bit shy when I stumble upon successful blogs with tons of readers...I say to myself: ""Oh, she will never have the time to write me back, 'cause she has already a lot of blogging friends and she will also be very busy.."

But Kristin replyed to me so quickly and I was so delighted!!! She wrote me that she was thrilled that I've send a mail to her....well I was MUCH MORE THAN THRILLED!!!!

So I have to say a big THANK YOU to Kristin, not only because she posted about me and my blog, but especially because of her kind words!

I agree with you, dear Kristin, as women we need to stick together, without any jealousy, because in the bloglad there's space for anyone and the most important part of all our blog-adventures, is finding new sweet friends with whom sharing interests, toughts, laughs!!!

I've seen that I've now 100 readers!!!
So, in this "thank you" post I want to thank you all, my dearest readers!!! The first ones and the new ones! Thank you so much for all your sweet words and for taking the time to visit me and leaving such beautiful comments!
Reading the comments, visiting other blogs, discovering new blogs is now one of the most happy moment of my day! Who would guess that just a couple of months ago?

As I've promised I'm working on a little surprise for you all....I will tell you more!!!