Happy Monday, my dearests!


I know, I know, it's Monday and I'm supposed to post about my "Summer Dreams", but today I want to make a different post.

Today I want to tell you about a very special day.

On Saturday I've had the pleasure to meet
some wonderful ladies
in a wonderful setting.


You know when you spend a fantastic day and just can't stop thinking at every moment of it?
And maybe you smile while you're remembering...and people watch you like you are a little bit crazy!!

Well, that's how I feel!

On Saturday I met 8 incredibly bloggers.
Sweet Irene at Valdirose welcomes us all in her charming B&B.


She and her husband prepared the most enchanted pic nic I have ever been invited to! Every detail was perfect, the food and wine delicious and they both were so welcoming!

Valdirose is a fairy B&B on the hills near Florence; Irene decorated it with so much love! You can feel it in every single details!

A relaxed atmosphere, nice chats, laughs, kids playing in the garden, smiling faces and a strange, incredibly feeling.

I'm a reserved person and I was afraid not to be able to open my mouth and speak, but I found myself so comfortable with all of them!


And it was so strange! I read these women's blogs every day and on Saturday I finally met them all...and they are even more incredibly than how I imagined!
So sweet, simple and caring. I can't express by words exactly how I felt that day and how I feel every time I think about it; I only know that my heart makes a little jump and my eyes smile when I found myself lost in such wonderful memories!

Alessandra, Federica, Gaia, Irene, Laura, Lelia, Micaela, Sarah
...in alphabetical order of course...


Oh, what? do you want to see pictures of the day? You can find them on all these girls' amazing blogs today and during the week!
I prefered to leave at home my little camera, because I knew there would be much more talented photographer than me! ;)

But I've decided that for my bithday (which is near) probably I will ask my husband a new camera as a gift and I want to learn to use it!