I've found this house on Country Home. I like it for its simplicity.

White and some rustic forniture, that's what I love!

This home seems to me a warm cosy nest, where everything is simple and natural. A place where you wake up in a bed with white cute handmade linen, maybe from your granny's..

A place where for breakfast you have handmade bread with butter and a selection of sweet jams - obviously handmade.

A place where old forniture can tell the history of the family who lived there through the years.

A place where you don't have to hurry or run to the office, but simply take care of the house, the animals (oh yes I can see chickens, rabbits and some little goats in the backyard),

...do some gardening...

...and relax in your patio!

Ok, this is just daydreaming, but sometimes I just want to escape from my city (which isn't really big, indeed) and go living in the country, or better, coming back to my mountains. One day, who knows...