So, this is my house! I know I've already posted it, but, just i case you have missed it is!
In YELLOW there is the part that we are renovating and
in RED the brand new wing.
The other part of the house is my parents' house.

Finally I can show you some pictures, because all the scaffolds have been removed!!! This is my living room! And they are my husband (in his working outfit) and Sofia!

Again my living room... in this corner there will be the fireplace. Thanks to a system of heath canalization, we will be able to use the fireplace also for heating the bedrooms.

This is the kitchen. You can see the tube for the wood stove, on your left. And that door takes directly to the garden. We will create a patio just outside the kitchen!

And this is our tiny vegetable garden!!! Because of the works this year we will have a little harvest! Salad, tomatoes, zucchini, string beans, that's all...
 Every year in August we made tomato souce with our own tomatoes, but I'm not sure this year we will have enough tomatoes... Well, next year we will have more space for our vegetable garden! I'm already thinking about a little fence to separate it from the rest of the garden and how to decorate it with flowers!

Have a lovely Monday!

*photos by me*